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Suzy Williams - The Great Secret

Suzy Williams has for many years been delighting audiences on both coasts with her bravura singing, starting in the late ’70s in New York with partner Norman Zamcheck, as “Stormin’ Norman & Suzy.”

We first met Suzy at the 2019 Field Tripping Festival, and quickly fell in love with her wit and style. We visited her in 2021 at her charming abode ”The Funny Farm” in Venice, California, where she contracted us to produce an animated video for her song ”The Great Secret” from her album “Bravo”.

Ride Over

Ride Over is an animated short story created by Mik Garrison and Zoe Matthiessen in 2013. Ride Over is a combination of hand-drawn art and 2D computer animation. Using ink and paint gives the film a timeless and “retro” look while using computer animation techniques imparts a distinctly modern feel to the piece. The all-original score also mixes genre and instrumentation to give the film a mature yet playful feel.


In addition to being the creative force behind Uno Duo Studio, Lisa and Mik are also a band called The Bird Lords.



When photographer and metal worker Todd D’Addario started working with us to update his two websites he impressed upon us his desire for a simple and clean design.

Making the photos the  center of attention, these sites get out of the way and let the viewer enjoy Todd’s exceptional work without clutter or distraction.



The Duo

Mik Garrison

Mik has been a Web Developer and Graphic Designer for over twenty years and has also worked with music, video, and animation on award-winning projects. He has a weekly solo live-looping show called Mik and the Funky Brunch at lovely La Cocina in Downtown Tucson.

First Computer: Commodore Vic 20
First Website: Itsy Bitsy Spiders band site in 1994 for the Lynx browser

Lisa Lemke

Lisa a visual artist, writer, photographer, designer, and musician. Her latest series of paintings have been featured at several art shows in Arizona and California. 

Lisa is an entrepreneur, has a background in public relations, management, film, theatre, and teaching.